At the core of Teachee lies a feature that will save you hours of work. You will focus more on teaching, delivering value to your student and spend almost no time creating the material.

Discover the Text to Speech

Text to Speech

How do you make it work?

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  • Click & hold the record button.
  • Speak
  • Release the click

We'll provide you with the transcription, the phonetic (US or UK) and suggest a translation.

Good to know

When we look for translations, prior to asking some online translation services, we'll look in our database if you already made the translation.
Hence the more you'll use Teacher Tool, the better translations you'll get :).

Let's say you already translated "What's up?" to "Quoi de neuf ?".
Next time you say to the mic "What's up?", you'll automatically get your previous translation, comment and literal translation.


About us

Teachee is a web application that helps remote language teachers deliver high-quality lessons. Our mission is to break language barriers so that anybody can read the book they want to read, follow the online courses they want to follow, learn, grow and contribute.
We empower the teachers with the best tech has to offer so they can in their turn empower their students.

We also released some free tools, all language-related:

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